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Program Director: Bridget Taylor
Executive Director: Jeanine Glasgow

Group Home Services Provided By JJC Family Services

Residential Services
JJC Residential Services is a placement program for both male and female youth involved in the dependent or juvenile justice system. For alleged delinquent youth who must enter detention by court order, JJC provides short-term emergency shelter and counseling in a community-based group home setting. On-site school, counseling, family visitation and recreational activities are provided by JJC until a disposition is rendered by Family Court.

 For those youth that are adjudicated delinquent or dependent, JJC provides long-term care through group homes. This part of the RS program sets out to address emotional problems and to aid the youths' physical, emotional, independence and self-help growth. Social workers also work with the natural families towards resolution of the issues which brought the youth into care, in order to aid re-unification.

 If re-unification is not a viable goal, the program is committed to working with the youth and family toward the development of a permanent plan, whether it be adoption or independent living.

Group home locations

Community-based detention services:
5732 Thomas Avenue
Philadelphia, PA. 19143
tel.: (215) 724-2888

5738 Thomas Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19143
tel.: (215) 724-2888

Group home for females:
5217 Overbrook Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19131
tel.: (215) 879-5402

Group home for males:
5327 Gainor Road
Philadelphia, PA 19131
tel.: (215) 879-4530

Group home for males:
6771 Germantown Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19119
tel.: (215) 951-2201